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Covantis is a fair, trusted platform that improves efficiency, transparency, and information-exchange for everyone feeding the world.

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A forward-thinking digital platform

  • Low operational risk and cost

    How can we simplify execution?

    Start by eliminating redundant, time-consuming paperwork. With all your information and documents readily accessible within Covantis, you’ll cut down on paperwork—and costs related to vessels waiting at load or discharge.

  • Single source of truth

    How can we easily track changes?

    Evolving from paper-based documentation to digital processes can steer you from potential confusion. The Covantis platform will allow you to see the full history of any changes that have been made or requested, supporting contract enforceability.

  • End-to-end visibility

    How can we create transparency?

    Vital information is currently delivered manually, on paper or via e-mail. End-to-end visibility at all stages of vessel execution would prevent slow-downs. Every process, from loading to transit to discharge, will be trackable in real-time.

  • Fewer manual errors

    How can we prevent mistakes?

    Straightforward processes can lessen the risk of errors and ensure smooth business relationships. Diminish the likelihood of errors by automating repetitive data.

  • A more flexible, engaged team

    How can we excite our workforce?

    Imagine if your business spent less time on data re-keying and more time on finding solutions for complex operational and logistics issues. By freeing people from repetitive tasks, Covantis enables you to empower and further engage your workforce.

  • Shorter waiting times

    How can we speed up processing?

    Scale down the amount of physical paperwork you do. More than 275 million emails are sent to process the estimated 11,000 bulk shipments of grains and oilseeds transported by sea each year. Covantis can speed up documentation processes.

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Covantis is an industry initiative powered by Blockchain technology. Count on rock-solid data security

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Together, we can take our industry into the digital world. The Covantis platform empowers our businesses with more efficient processes and a reliable collaboration between the participants.

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