More post-trade efficiency

“How can we make the international commodities shipping process faster and simpler?” That’s the challenge we set out to solve with Covantis, an industry-led platform set to modernizing the way we manage post-trade execution processes.

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For a stronger network

Covantis is being developed by the the industry for the industry. The goal is creating more efficiency and value for us all.

This is achieved by using forward-thinking technology to replace archaic and redundant processes. Neutral yet robust technology means all of us can leverage digitalisation to improve information flows—with total security.


We believe that collaboration is the best approach

The initiators of Covantis collaborate as open, transparent representatives of the industry. But the collaboration doesn’t end with the platform’s founding members. Any industry participant is welcome: a wide collaboration supports our mission to serve the agri commodities industry.

Industry participants are regularly invited to give feedback on the platform’s design and functionality. These participatory workshops are invaluable to testing and validating the progress Covantis is making to ensure that the solution is one for the entire industry.

The network is constantly being expanded with commodity trading companies to end-buyers, shippers, agents, supervision companies, trade associations, and more.

The founding members

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Looking further ahead

The Covantis platform launched in February 2021.

Covantis understands our industry’s challenges. We know that our continued success depends on efficient execution processes, data security and contractual accountability.

We’re working with a long-term view. With our combined experience and execution capabilities, we can move forward together.

Interested in following our progress? See the highlights to learn about our workshops, gain insights from our expanding network and get updates on our development phases.


How you can participate

If you’re looking for ways to go beyond outdated, incompatible legacy systems and frameworks, we’d like to learn more about your post-trade execution experiences.

Email us so we can discuss your system needs, along with the benefits of joining our industry network.

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